Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi, to everybody in the world who are hard- core Alien fans. This website is purely fan based , made by a fan and for all the hard - core Alien fans .I am here with the some of best ever Aliens created by the holly wood directors,producers ,actors,musicians and lot of other people.There are billions of planets ,moons in the universe.It is more exciting if we know these things through a movie and we have to thank them all who have shown it us in an interesting way that educating science a bit more fun.Though we cannot travel to all the planets in the universe and .Seeing the pictures or exploring these articles gives us a little bit relief. I have seen lot of alien movies and i have managed to put the information that i know and it is very brief .Forgive me if i have missed things to mention and comments are accepted .So let us begin the journey to the see the creatures and there planets. NOTE: COPYRIGHT OF THE MOVIE, CREATURES ,IMAGE, LOGO BELONGS TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS AND DIRECTORS ,ACTORS,MUSICIANS,PRODUCERS .THINGS MENTIONED HERE ARE FOR FUN ,ENTERTAINMENT AND NOT TO HURT ANYBODY.